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DUTCH Monthly Webinars bring you the latest in hormone education from the brightest minds in the industry. Each month, we host live webinars covering relevant topics that can help functional medicine providers understand the science, research, and clinical applications of hormone monitoring.

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Our clinical experts are in the field, speaking at integrative medicine conferences and lectures around the country. Follow some of the brightest minds in hormone education like Doreen Saltiel, MD, Mark Newman, and Dr. Debbie Rice to learn more about the science and clinical applications of functional endocrinology testing.

Clinical Case Studies

Our team of Clinical Consultants share real-life examples of patients who've been treated using the DUTCH Test. Join our team to discover how the DUTCH Test shows the complete picture of hormones and hormone detoxification patterns, plus recommended treatment plans that improve patient outcomes.

Case Study Agenda with Dr. Alison Smith


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