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DUTCH is committed to helping providers support their patients. Providers can grow confident in functional hormone testing through clinical education tools offered with DUTCH. DUTCH providers have access to online hormone education courses, exclusive webinars, case studies, and more to further their understanding of functional medicine and hormone testing.

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New Online Course!

Mastering Functional Hormone Testing

Registered DUTCH providers now have access to a complete, five-part training course to help them learn how to use functional hormone testing in their practice. Upon completing the course, providers will feel confident using the comprehensive results of the DUTCH report to create personalized treatment plans for their patients.

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Group Mentorship Sessions

Module 1

Hormones in Cycling Females

Gain practical knowledge for using DUTCH to evaluate estrogen & estrogen detoxification, progesterone, androgens, and adrenals in cycling females.

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Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
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Featured Resources

New DUTCH Resources!

DUTCH Interpretive Guide

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The DUTCH Interpretive Guide puts functional hormone mastery into the hands of integrative healthcare providers. This exclusive provider resource delivers fundamental hormone education so providers can create effective treatment plans for a variety of patient populations using the results in each DUTCH report.

This guide includes recommendations for testing patients on birth control, information on (B)HRT monitoring with the DUTCH Test, and evaluating cortisol and the cortisol awakening response (CAR). The DUTCH Interpretive Guide empowers providers with the knowledge they need to extract data from the DUTCH report and use that information to effectively care for their patients.

New DUTCH Resources!

DUTCH Practitioner's Resource

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Discover all that DUTCH has to offer through the DUTCH Practitioner’s Resource Guide. This resource will help providers discover all of the testing panels available through DUTCH and how to choose the right test for their patients. 

This guide also provides access to useful tools like the HRT (hormone replacement therapy) Monitoring Matrix and Steroid Pathways Chart to help them maximize the impact of the DUTCH Test in their practice. 

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Hormone Education Resources

At DUTCH, we’re committed to curating tools and resources for our providers to use DUTCH testing successfully in practice, getting the most insights possible for their patients. Below you’ll find more of our most requested downloads, and links to just a sampling of the ongoing education that we offer.

You can be sure that as a provider with DUTCH, we’re here to help you master your patients’ hormone health!

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DUTCH Trust is our commitment to provide advanced and accurate testing. Our rigorous pursuit for the truth in hormone testing has produced multiple peer-reviewed studies proving the effectiveness of dried urine testing as an alternative to serum (blood) or saliva for monitoring a variety of hormone therapy applications. We use the most accurate method available (LC-MS/MS) and our tests are used by thousands of healthcare providers and their patients all over the world. Check out our research, and see why you can trust DUTCH to reliably investigate hormones in a way that helps providers profoundly change the lives of their patients.

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The DUTCH Podcast is a laid-back, relaxed space where integrative medicine providers and patients can learn about hormones and explore the body’s most complex communication system. Join host Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, and experts from the functional medicine industry to help you make sense of your body’s hormones and take the guesswork out of treating hormone-related issues.

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This newsletter is a monthly round-up of all the great resource and content that can help providers stay up-to-date on the latest in hormone education. The DUTCH Digest provides a variety of educational resources including links to DUTCH blogs, podcasts, and case studies. Each month, you'll also receive details and access to register for the DUTCH Webinar.

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Each month, DUTCH clinical educators expound on relevant topics in functional medicine on the DUTCH Blog. Read informative articles explaining basic and advanced-level hormone health, the latest peer-reviewed research, diet & lifestyle considerations, and more.

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DUTCH Webinars bring you the latest in hormone education from the brightest minds in the industry. Each month, we host live webinars covering relevant topics that can help functional medicine providers understand the science, research, and clinical applications of hormone monitoring.

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Our team of clinical consultants shares real-life examples of patients who’ve been treated using DUTCH. Discover how DUTCH shows the complete picture of hormones and hormone detoxification patterns, plus recommended treatment plans that improve patient outcomes.