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“The DUTCH test is essential for any practice that looks at hormones and adrenals - you cannot find a more comprehensive test. I feel confident prescribing BHRT because I am able to see a complete picture of my patient’s hormones and their metabolites with DUTCH. I order this test for all of my hormone patients.”

Meredith Rusthoven, DNP, CNM

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The latest innovation in hormone testing.

“DUTCH Plus™ is a game changer in the world of hormone testing. It provides the most comprehensive look at adrenal and sex hormones available in one test, which means more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments.”

Chris Kresser
New York Times Bestselling Author and
Founder of the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine

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Dutch Cycle Mapping™

“As a functional medicine physician, DUTCH is my go-to test for hormones. The results are comprehensive, meaningful and unique. This test helps women gain insight into hormonal dysfunction and regain balance based on their specific needs. Also, the practitioner support is top notch and I always have educational support when and if needed.”

Chris Maren, DO

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What’s missing in your hormone testing?

Only DUTCH gives you the full picture!

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In this series we cover a number of topics to assist your decision making when it comes to testing hormones.

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“The Precision Analytical panel is used routinely in our clinical practice, and I so appreciate the quality, reliability, and breadth of data I’m seeing.”

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Functional Medicine thought-leader, educator, clinician, author, and host of New Frontiers in Functional Medicine.

“DUTCH is the most advanced test available for sex and especially adrenal hormones!”

Dr. Joseph Mercola

New York Times best selling author

"Here's the best, most accurate way to check all your hormone levels! Having followed this field for decades, I'm truly impressed with this easy, comprehensive, and holistic approach."

Christiane Northrup, MD

Visionary pioneer and a leading authority in the field of women’s health and wellness. New York Times best selling author.

“DUTCH is a complete game changer in the functional medicine landscape, and far superior to saliva hormone testing in most circumstances.”

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac

New York Times best selling author of “The Paleo Cure”

“Using genetic testing is an excellent way to demonstrate susceptibility. DUTCH combined with genetic testing shows how genes are working in real time. A winning combination.”

Dr. Ben Lynch

Epigenetic Pioneer

“I tend to use the Precision Analytical panel. It’s the one that I found to be the most accurate.”

Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

Author of "The Hormone Cure" & "The Hormone Reset Diet"