New Email Security Measures

All Protected Health Information (PHI) will now be sent through encrypted email.

Take the following steps to ensure you receive important messages from DUTCH Test.

  • Ask your system administrator (IT) to add as a trusted sender to your email network.
  • Review your spam folder for DUTCH Test emails you may have missed.

What do encrypted emails look like?
The experience is different depending on your email service.

Office 365, Outlook Web App, or Hotmail

No action is required. The email will simply open, with a small notice stating that the email is encrypted.

Outlook Message

Gmail, Yahoo or other systems

You will get an email with a link notifying you that you're received an encrypted email. Access the website to receive a one-time passcode that you will use to view the encrypted message.

Gmail Message1

If you have specific questions about your facility's email system, please contact your system administrator.

For all other questions, please reach out to our customer service line at 503-687-2050 or email us at