Androgens – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

In this foundational lecture, Mark Newman will take a deep dive into interpreting androgen metabolites through the DUTCH test, openly discuss the pros and cons of all available androgen testing, and why certain ethnic groups may have unique challenges when using urine for monitoring testosterone and DHT levels.

In this webinar, Mark will explain the differences between measuring DHEA/DHEA-S in serum and what we find in urine. We’ll also explore why we consider DUTCH a complimentary test for testosterone replacement therapy and why we still consider serum the gold standard, and primary test, for TRT monitoring. However, DUTCH androgens have unique insight not available in serum. Urine is rich with metabolites, giving insight into testosterone and DHEA production. Unlike DUTCH estrogen metabolites, testosterone metabolites have significant caveats that must be considered.