DUTCH Podcast: Season Two

Episode 1

Published October 18th, 2022

Season two kicks off with DUTCH Chief Medical Officer Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, discussing the latest hormone testing research with DUTCH President and Founder Mark Newman, MS. Tune in to learn how "meaningful differentiation" can help providers make more personalized treatment decisions, and more.

Episode 2

Published October 25th, 2022

Dr. Kelly Ruef is back and shares her knowledge and wisdom with Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, in this episode of the DUTCH Podcast. We get to hear the ins and outs of estrogen detoxification and how to best serve patients who are struggling with detox. Listen now to learn all about these pathways and how the DUTCH Test can help you assess your patient’s estrogen detox status.

Episode 3

Published November 1st, 2022

Testosterone isn’t typically thought of as a “female hormone,” but research shows that women with healthy androgen levels preserve egg quality later in life. Testosterone and other androgens are important for wellbeing and fertility—for men and women. Listen along as Dr. Rice explains the role of androgens in a happy, healthy body.

Episode 4

Published November 8th, 2022

Jaclyn Smeaton and Dr. Geo Espinosa discuss men’s health and the applications of DUTCH testing to address patients with hypogonadism and evaluate the proper estrogen to testosterone balance. Listen now to hear about Dr. Espinosa’s passion for men’s health and how he uses the DUTCH Test in his practice. 

Episode 5

Published November 15th, 2022

PCOS is not just a reproductive disorder. In this episode of the DUTCH Podcast, Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, examines the nuances of PCOS with Melissa Groves Azzaro, Founder of The Hormone Dietitian. They explain the possible root-causes of PCOS and discuss a whole-body approach to treating this disease state.

Episode 6

Published November 22nd, 2022

From the beginning of her career to now, Melissa Groves Azzaro has been able to profoundly change the lives of thousands of patients with the insights provided through DUTCH testing. She is back with us for a follow-up episode to discuss the ins and outs of DUTCH testing for PCOS and the wealth of knowledge available to providers through the DUTCH website.

Episode 7

Published November 29th, 2022

For too long women have been told their discomfort during perimenopause and menopause is, “just the way it is.” Esther Blum isn’t having that. She preaches the importance of self-advocacy to her clients as they navigate the often uncertain terrain of perimenopause. Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton interviews Esther on her hormone, diet, and lifestyle approach to treating the symptoms of perimenopause. Hear her three “meno-laws” for fat loss and other tips for transitioning into menopause successfully.

Episode 8

Published December 6th, 2022

Many patients with chronic disease have some HPA axis dysregulation. And the whole endocrine system is affected by poor cortisol function. Chronic stress can lead to the overproduction of cortisol, which is probably why this hormone is often labeled as “bad”. In reality, a cortisol increase can be seen as a marker for other issues in the body, such as chronic stress or illness. Dr. Cole and Dr. Smeaton discuss the Goldilocks principle of keeping cortisol levels “just right”.

Episode 9

Published December 13th, 2022

In a special edition of the DUTCH Podcast, host Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, joins Precision Analytical founder Mark Newman, MS, and Jeff Bland, PhD—the “father of functional medicine”—for a live Q&A session. They discuss the beginnings of the functional medicine industry and reflect on the various directions the field is taking.

Plus, hear the announcement for the grand prize winner for the 10 Days of DUTCH giveaway!

Episode 10

Published December 20th, 2022

The Live from A4M World Congress podcast series continues with featured guest, Dr. Carrie Jones. You might recognize her from her time at Precision Analytical as the former Medical Director. In this episode, Dr. Jones shares how DUTCH and the functional medicine world have evolved to better understand the importance of hormone testing to identify and treat adrenal dysfunction. She discusses the beginnings of the DUTCH Test, and she, Jaclyn Smeaton, and Mark Newman talk about the importance of research to further evolve hormone testing.

Episode 11

Published December 27th, 2022

Ten years after its inception, DUTCH Test founders Mark Newman and Andy Tyssen are here for our final live from A4M World Congress episode of the DUTCH Podcast. They reminisce on the origins of the DUTCH Test, the beginnings of their business, and the strides the business has made since the beginning.

Episode 12

Published January 3rd, 2023

Fasting and female hormones, this podcast has it all. In this episode of the DUTCH Podcast, host Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, interviews world-renowned hormone expert, Dr. Mindy Pelz, on the topic of intermittent fasting. Dr. Pelz dives into the unique role that fasting can play in hormone health, and shares tips on fasting for perimenopause. Women need to fast differently than men. Dr. Pelz explains the cycle of fasting that correlates with a woman’s menstrual cycle for optimal fasting and hormone success. Women can experience better sleep, and fewer perimenopausal symptoms when fasting appropriately. Don’t sleep on this episode, there is so much to learn!

Episode 13

Published January 10th, 2023

The natural medicine community has long benefited from the leadership of this week’s guest. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno has been practicing natural medicine for more than 40 years. He is an author, educator, and top-notch provider, and his bread and butter is studying environmental toxins. In this episode, Dr. Pizzorno and Dr. Smeaton discuss perchlorates and bisphenols, two prevalent environmental toxins that affect thyroid function. They also talk about the sneaky ways these toxins can show up in everyday life. 

Episode 14

Published January 17th, 2023

Last week Dr. Smeaton and Dr. Pizzorno covered the science behind environmental toxins and how they affect our hormones. This week, they discuss how to avoid these toxins through lifestyle adjustments, treatment, and other methods.  


Episode 15

Published January 24th, 2023

Sometimes a traditional diurnal cortisol test isn’t enough to properly evaluate a patient. With the DUTCH Plus, the cortisol awakening response (CAR) gives additional insight into your patient’s stress response. A “mini stress test” the CAR takes snapshots in the minutes and hours after waking to paint a clearer picture of HPA axis function. In this episode of the DUTCH Podcast, Drs. Jaclyn Smeaton and Christina O’Brien discuss the value of the CAR in finding hidden points of dysregulation in patients. They cover typical cortisol testing procedure and dive into the benefits of measuring the CAR to enhance patient care.

Episode 16

Published January 31st, 2023

Marcelle Pick, OBGYN, NP is a functional medicine expert and has built her career in women’s health. Her approach to treating hair loss is detailed in this episode of the DUTCH Podcast. Hear Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, and Marcelle share their experiences treating hair loss. They dive into potential root causes of hair loss and discuss solutions to treat this sometimes-terrifying patient complaint. Marcelle shares some of her go-to nutritional supplement strategies for supporting hair growth, and she and Jaclyn offer advice on searching for reputable and effective supplements.

Episode 17

Published February 7th, 2023

Sexual wellness can be a sensitive topic. Libido is important for overall health and quality of life. When men struggle to get erections, it could be an indicator of arterial disease, endothelial disease, or diabetes. Our DUTCH Podcast guest Dr. Geo Espinosa is passionate about helping men achieve the life and health they desire. In this episode, he and Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, go over several approaches to treating low testosterone. They discuss the connections between low libido and systemic disease. And they highlight the importance of exercise in boosting testosterone.

Episode 18

Published February 14th, 2023

Happy Valentine’s Day! This episode of the DUTCH Podcast is sex ed for adults. There is an overwhelming gap in knowledge surrounding the menstrual cycle. Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton and Lindsey Szczepanski, NP get back to the basics with a complete menstrual cycle overview. Lindsey and Dr. Smeaton cover what menstrual symptoms are considered “normal” for cycling, pre-, and postmenopausal women. And even spend time discussing male sexual health, including libido and testosterone. Don’t be shy—we’d love for you to listen to this episode! 

Episode 19

Published February 21ST, 2023

Each phase of the menstrual cycle is intertwined with the phase that came before and the one coming after—a continuous loop of natural hormone fluctuations. Our guest, Dr. Kelsey Stang and host Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton uncover the role of each hormone in the cycle and share what exactly occurs in the female body during each phase. Women are empowered with knowledge when they understand their menstrual cycle. And with expert hormone education like the discussion in this podcast, providers and patients can be better equipped to notice when symptoms deviate from normal.

Episode 20

Published February 28TH, 2023

Oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), or “the pill,” revolutionized women’s healthcare in 1950. Now, almost 75 years later, women and their practitioners are asking questions. In this thought-provoking episode of the DUTCH Podcast, Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton and Dr. Rebecca Clemson compare and contrast the usefulness of the pill with some of its side effects. You can join the conversation on the good and bad of birth control. Listen now! 

Episode 21

Published March 7TH, 2023

It’s time to wrap up season two of the DUTCH Podcast. As season two comes to a close, Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, talks with DUTCH founder, Mark Newman, MS, about recent DUTCH research publications and the functional medicine testing model as a whole. They dive into the strengths of the DUTCH Test, what sets DUTCH apart from competitors, and explore the methodology that makes DUTCH a leader in the integrative medicine world. This season is packed with great insights from leaders in the functional medicine community. Listen now to hear our final season two episode!