Clinical Support

It is very important to us that our practitioners feel supported in their practice.
We offer a number of avenues to take you from
DUTCH-newbie to DUTCH-expert!


Our website hosts over 50 videos pertaining to DUTCH. Visit our video page 
to watch content that covers what makes the DUTCH Test® so different from other modalities of testing, how to understand and read our reports, case studies and so much more. Links to pertinent, video content are also included directly in our test results, making the help you need easily accessible.

Upon receipt of your first DUTCH Test® report, you will be given a comprehensive, clinical support overview. This is patient-specific and thoroughly explains the results, to get you on your way to becoming a DUTCH expert.

Understanding DUTCH reports and getting the most information out of each test can take some time. We’re here to help. We have a team of staff physicians who are experts in DUTCH testing, and each of them use the test regularly in their practices.

You can schedule a 15-minute or 30-minute phone consultation a number of ways:

  1. Through your secure portal account
  2. By emailing
  3. Or calling 503-687-2050

These consultations are always complimentary for our ordering practitioners (with the medical license to order laboratory tests). Clinical consultations are typically scheduled 1-2 weeks out.

TALK WITH A DOC | MON-THUR 8 AM-3 PM and FRI 8 AM-12 PM, 1:30-3 PM (PST)
Talk with a Doc is a service provided by the Precision Analytical Inc. clinical support team for our ordering practitioners with a medical license to order laboratory tests. These calls are brief, 5-20 minute conversations perfect for getting answers to quick, clinical questions as they come up with patients during the work week. And there’s NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED, just call 503-687-2050.

If more time is needed, a complimentary clinical consultation can be scheduled. Talk with a Doc is designed to provide supplemental support for practitioners anticipating a consult, or for questions where a full consult won’t be needed.