Five Hormone Education Resources You Didn’t Get in School

"They NEVER taught me that in school!" At DUTCH we hear our providers say this all the time and we couldn't agree more. A lot of our knowledge on hormones and adrenal health was acquired after school. And it makes sense why this would be the case.

After all, what is known on these subjects is continually changing. New research comes out every year. In fact, our lab, Precision Analytical, has published various papers in the past few years (after we all graduated from school) that has advanced the field of hormone testing and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) monitoring.

At DUTCH our ultimate goal is to profoundly change one life, and then a million more. We work every day to attain this goal by offering industry-leading functional hormone testing, research, and education. Here are five of our top DUTCH hormone education resources that will elevate your understanding of hormones and DUTCH testing to the next level.

Provider Mentorship Sessions

Small-group settings are a great opportunity to learn about all that DUTCH testing has to offer. In our 60-minute provider mentorship sessions, our experienced consultants will familiarize you with DUTCH testing by walking you through the interpretation of an example report.

Currently you can choose from a premenopausal DUTCH example report, postmenopausal DUTCH example report, male report, and DUTCH Cycle Mapping report, but check back on the scheduling page in your DUTCH Provider Portal for updates. During the mentorship sessions there is time for general questions at the end, however, due to HIPAA, we cannot discuss individual patient results during these sessions.


One-on-One Clinical Consultations

Not every case is straightforward, and DUTCH providers don't have to walk the path from test to treatment plan alone. Our team of clinical consultants is available for one-on-one consultations.

To get personalized support and answers to questions about hormone test results, the DUTCH clinical team offers 15- and 30-minute consultations. Providers can schedule a session for a future time and date that works for them, with some same-day consultations available. Same-day consults are gaining in popularity and we now have multiple DUTCH consultants on-call to answer your same-day questions.

The 15- and 30-minute consults can be scheduled via the DUTCH Provider Portal and same-day consults can be accessed by calling our customer service at (503) 687-2050. Please check the DUTCH Provider Portal scheduling page for any updates.

DUTCH Podcast

Hormone education, on the go—the DUTCH Podcast brings discussions on functional medicine testing to you. Each episode is packed with wisdom and insight. Learn about exciting topics such as functional medicine testing, the reproductive cycle, the menopausal transition, estrogen detox, men's health, adrenal health, and more from experts in the functional medicine field.

Online videos, Webinars, and Clinical Case Studies

Our online webinars and case studies dive deeper into functional medicine topics. And they are a great resource for practitioners who want to see real-world examples of the DUTCH Test in action.

Monthly, live DUTCH Webinars bring you the latest in hormone education from the brightest minds in the industry. Each webinar features an expert speaker who sheds light on relevant hormone-health topics. Previous DUTCH Webinar topics include:

  • Fatigue
  • Estrogen detox
  • Fertility
  • Breast cancer
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Men's health
  • Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) monitoring

DUTCH Case Studies are another component of clinical support that providers can utilize. In these case studies, each speaker demonstrates how DUTCH testing may reveal underlying contributors to complicated symptoms like heavy bleeding, fatigue, infertility, fibroids, amenorrhea, PCOS, increased breast cancer risk, fatty liver, and thick endometrial stripe. These case studies are focused on actual patients and their DUTCH Test results.

Peer-Reviewed Research

We've highlighted four key DUTCH educational resources above, but the truth is that the education doesn't stop there. Our fifth resource for hormone education is our DUTCH research page.

Our lab, Precision Analytical, has spent countless hours validating our analytes and is continually contributing to the industry's knowledge of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) monitoring and application. Clinical validation papers, literature reviews, and best practice papers are just a click away, and give you an extra level of trust that the results you see on a DUTCH report are accurate and actionable.

As you can see, when it comes to DUTCH testing and hormone education, there's a little something for everyone! From one-on-one consultations, to white papers that outline the best practices for hormone monitoring and application, DUTCH provides a variety of resources that help providers become hormone experts. For any additional questions about mentorship sessions, consultations, podcasts, webinars, case studies, blogs, validation studies or published research, please reach out to us by calling (503) 687-2050 or by emailing