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The Sacred Medicine Podcast: Reversing Hair Loss in Women

Dr. Carrie Jones is back! This time she giving us the down low on hair loss. She is a functional medicine hormone doctor, Medical Director at Precision Analytical, Inc. and actively promotes women’s health and hormone education. In today’s episode, we talked about the sensitive issue of hair loss. This seems to be common among women in their 30-40’s and beyond. This episode will give you some insight into the issues surrounding hair loss in women and offer some suggestions on what you might be able to do to overcome it.

We jammed on:

  • Reasons behind hair loss
  • One thing you can change nutritionally to stop hair thinning
  • Important labs your doctor needs to do
  • Side effects from common OTC treatments
  • Learn the different vitamins and supplements your body needs to reverse hair loss
  • What to do with elevated testosterone levels

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