The Importance of Measuring Diurnal Cortisol

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In this intriguing webinar, Tom Guilliams, PhD, explained why the facts and myths of cortisol, and told us why we should focus on brain signaling instead of adrenal health to understand cortisol dysregulation. Dr. Guilliams discussed the importance of updating our nomenclature around stress and the HPA-axis, and the value of adding HPA-axis therapies to patient care plans. You’ll hear why we should stop saying "Adrenal Fatigue" and how you can use diurnal cortisol measurements to help your patients suffering from chronic stress and fatigue.

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Noteworthy Sections

00:00 Intro 

06:02 Popular language for stress 

07:47 When did “stress” become “adrenals”? 

13:32 The nomenclature of adrenal insufficiency 

18:04 “Burnout” study, high vs low burnout 

28:14 The human stress response 

32:53 “Normal” diurnal salivary cortisol with CAR 

39:36 Timing is critical for CAR research 

46:59 Summary 

Please Note: The contents of this video are for educational and informational purposes only. The information is not to be interpreted as, or mistaken for, clinical advice. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

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