The “Detox Gene” and Estrogen – The Critical Path to Happy, Healthy Hormones

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Dr. Andrew Rostenberg walks you through the latest data on how our genes, gut environment, and nutritional status impact sex hormone pathways. Many substances like heavy metals, mold toxins, and man-made chemical compounds can severely disrupt our hormonal balance. Like any foreign compound, the body must be able to adequately metabolize and neutralize these powerful molecules. More and more patients are relying on their providers to connect these dots using natural medicine strategies. Balancing hormones doesn’t have to be a complicated, highly specialized type of practice. Learn the hard-hitting evidence on hormone detoxification to help your patients find the root cause of common hormone-related problems such as endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, and more.

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Noteworthy Sections

0:00 Intro 

6:08 Disturbing cancer trends 

10:56 Birth control risk for strokes 

17:56 Birth control and blood clots

21:28 Increase in precocious puberty 

29:12 Mycoestrogens are toxic estrogens 

35:28 Estrogen bell curve 

39:20 MTHFR is a bottleneck for estrogen detoxification 

45:40 MTHFR and the risk for strokes 

50:40 Epigenetics and neurotransmitters 

54:32 Catecholamine/Dopamine bell curve 

56:40 Outro 

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