Sleep and Cortisol: Beyond the Diurnal Rhythm

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Insomnia affects approximately 30% of American adults. When patients present with sleep complaints, it’s a common practice in functional medicine to test free cortisol to ascertain the degree of impact poor sleep has on the stress system. Free cortisol measurements only reflect the cortisol in circulation and do not speak to a patient’s cortisol production. 

Did you know there are other cortisol markers that can take that assessment one step further? This webinar will help providers focus in on elements of adrenal and HPA axis function beyond free cortisol’s diurnal rhythm to ultimately shine a brighter light on the root cause of sleep disruption. 

Key Moments

00:00 Intro  

07:00 Sleep phases 

12:36 Why do we use cortisol to evaluate sleep? 

17:30 Tissue actions of cortisol 

22:20 Conditions associated with chronic sleep loss 

30:39 Which cortisol curve is more resilient? 

35:00 Flat line curve link to chronic stress 

43:45 Cortisol metabolism irregularities 

49:45 DUTCH indicators of insulin resistance 

57:31 Acute adrenal stress 

59:40 Closing  


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