New Organic Acids To Improve Patient Protocols

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Tune in to watch Director of Medical Education for DUTCH, Dr. Debbie Rice, explain the new neurotransmitter and nutritional organic acid markers in the DUTCH OATs panel.

The DUTCH Organic Acids Tests now reports quinolinate, b-hydroxyisovalerate, and indican to uncover more information about a patient’s diet and neurological health. In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn the significance of each marker plus how they can influence patient health, what symptoms may be present, and actionable resources for treatments.

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Noteworthy Sections

0:00 Introduction

5:01 Understanding cells and cellular energy 

9:40 What are organic acids? 

12:32 New marker: b-Hydroxyisovalerate 

17:15 b-Hydroxyisovalerate case study 

19:57 New marker: Quinolinate 

29:28 Quinolinate case study 

31:57 New marker: Indican 

42:20 Indican case study 

47:06 Conclusion