Is Melatonin the Next Vitamin D?

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Melatonin has become a popular dietary supplement most known for helping establish healthy sleep. Research over the last decade into cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, fertility, PCOS, and many other conditions, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to greater awareness of melatonin because of its ability to act as a potent antioxidant, immune-active agent, and mitochondrial regulator. There are distinct similarities between melatonin and vitamin D in the depth and breadth of their impact on health. Both act as hormones, affect multiple systems through their immune-modulating, anti-inflammatory functions, are found in the skin, and are responsive to sunlight and darkness.  

In this webinar, Dr. Deanna Minich will evaluate recent data on melatonin’s mechanisms, its clinical uses beyond sleep, safety concerns surrounding melatonin dosage, and provide a summary of therapeutic considerations concerning dietary supplementation, including the different formats, dosing, timing, and nutrient combinations. She will also discuss how to determine melatonin insufficiency and darkness deficiency from a clinical perspective. 

Key Moments

00:00 Intro 

04:52 Why is melatonin always in the news? 

10:50 Melatonin is ubiquitous 

15:30 Humans are run by the sun (and moon) 

23:05 Gut-derived melatonin 

31:10 Light and dark are necessary for healthy melatonin 

41:53 Vitamin D acts as a hormone 

51:00 Brain “washing”, the brain detoxifies during sleep 


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