Diagnosing and Managing Secondary Amenorrhea

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Do you know the right questions to ask when a patient approaches you with signs of secondary amenorrhea? The most important component in treating secondary amenorrhea is having the knowledge to conduct a thorough step-by-step evaluation and differential diagnosis. This lecture will focus on methodology and highlight nutraceutical/botanical/hormonal treatment options, along with sample patient care plans for the different etiologies of secondary amenorrhea. 

Join Dr. Tori Hudson and DUTCH for this informative discussion on the nuts and bolts of diagnosing and treating secondary amenorrhea. You’ll learn the right questions to ask and the steps in the methodical process of answering the question: why does this patient no longer menstruate? 


Key Moments:

00:00 Intro 

06:33 Amenorrhea overview 

13:11 Secondary amenorrhea testing 

15:28 Step 1 

23:00 Step 2 

26:02 Step 3 

35:56 Natural treatments overview 

44:06 Premature ovarian failure non-hormonal tx plan 

52:10 PCOS treatment goals 

1:00:00 Q&A/Outro