Assessment & Approach to the Estrogen Dominant Female

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With stress, insulin resistance, inflammation, and increased adiposity at the root of many patient presentations these days, associated estrogen dominance symptoms often lead patients to seek care.

With 3 main sources of endogenous estrogen production in the female body, it’s helpful to be able to figure out where excess estrogens are most likely coming from, to assess relative balance between estrogen and progesterone, and understand the routes of estrogen metabolism to determine a well-informed treatment plan.

This webinar is designed to help the provider tackle common estrogen dominance complaints with the most specific and effective treatments “the first time” by using the DUTCH Test to identify the most likely source of the issue.


Key Moments 

  • 2:34 Webinar Outline
  • 4:00 Estrogen and Progesterone Balance
  • 4:32 Signs of Estrogen Dominance
  • 5:20 Some Estrogen Dominance is Normal and Healthy
  • 5:50 DUTCH Cycle Map of a Normal Menstrual Cycle
  • 8:29 Normal Menstrual Cycle Nutritional and Hormonal Requirements
  • 9:50 Progesterone and Estradiol Units in Serum and Urine
  • 11:00 Estrogen Dominance Defined
  • 11:32 Optimal Urinary Pg/E2 Ratios
  • 13:58 Low Luteal Pg/E2 Ratios on the DUTCH Test
  • 16:24 Why Look at a-Pregnanediol?
  • 18:50 A Cautionary Note about Progesterone and Negative Mood
  • 21:00 Recap on Progesterone
  • 21:50 Step 1: Ways to Raise Progesterone to Counter Estradiol
  • 28:15 Assessing Estrogens Directly
  • 34:49 Why do hormone metabolites matter?
  • 35:50 Step 2: Treat the Transitional States of Estrogen
  • 42:49 16-OHE1 Drivers and Busters 
  • 46:20 DUTCH Report Samples
  • 54:50 Benefits of Sulforaphane
  • 56:21 Step 3: Identify the Source of Estrogen and Treat There
  • 1:04:37 Is Estrone a “Bad Estrogen”?
  • 1:05:37 How Insulin Resistance and Inflammation Might Present on a DUTCH Test
  • 1:08:34 Tips on Approaching High Prolactin Patients
  • 1:10:24 Gut-Source Estrogens
  • 1:14:21 Estrogen Dominance Assessment/Plan Sheet
  • 1:17:14 Webinar Conclusion

Please Note: The contents of this video are for educational and informational purposes only. The information is not to be interpreted as, or mistaken for, clinical advice. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

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