Addressing the Connections Between Cortisol and Weight Gain

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This webinar discusses the interconnection between stress, cortisol, and weight changes. The holidays typically expose us to stressors:

  • Relationship dynamics
  • Work deadlines
  • New or different menus (which usually include a lot more sweets and inflammatory foods)
  • And more

This discussion brings to light how our body responds to these stressors, including overindulging, and how we can understand and best support these challenges!


Key Moments 

  • 2:30: Course Intro 
  • 2:55: Obesity Pandemic, Factors and Considerations   
  • 4:30: Cortisol’s Relationship to Weight Gain and Obesity Intro  
  • 6:18: Cortisol introduction. 
  • 6:35: Cortisol: Glucocorticoid  
  • 9:43: Cortisol: Short Term Effect 
  • 10:55: Cortisol: Long Term Effect  
  • 12:21: Cortisol Physiology  
  • 14:00: Stress Response Hormones 
  • 15:07: HPA Function and Stress Response  
  • 15:45: HPA Function and Stress Response related to obesity 
  • 17:00: Glycemic dysregulation and inflammatory signals; HPA Axis response and sleep 
  • 18:00: Hormones that help regulate metabolism 
  • 19:00: Impact of sleep disturbance on inflammation and inflammatory markers in test results 
  • 22:00: Effects of sleep deprivation in the body 
  • 23:00: How adipocytes release hormones and how adipokines communicate 
  • 34:00: Adipocyte effects in the body 
  • 37:00: The primary goal of adipokines 
  • 39:00: Effects of consistently high cortisol levels 
  • 43:00: Correlation between cortisol and BMI 
  • 49:00: Treatment considerations for elevated cortisol 
  • 52:00 How the DUTCH Test can help determine cortisol metabolite levels, diurnal curve to evaluate circadian rhythm, and inflammatory markers 

Please Note: The contents of this video are for educational and informational purposes only. The information is not to be interpreted as, or mistaken for, clinical advice. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

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