Hormones & Hormone Testing: An Origin Story

featuring Mark Newman

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Endocrine Essentials - Episode 1

Published April 19th, 2022

The DUTCH Podcast is a laid-back, relaxed space for integrative medicine providers and patients to expand their understanding of functional endocrinology testing and learn more about the body’s most complex communication system. Join us each week to hear from leaders in the industry like Jeff Bland, Tara Scott, and Deb Matthew along with our very own DUTCH experts. Together, they’ll cover the basics of functional endocrinology and testing, and provide unique perspectives to some very controversial topics.

On this first episode, the President and Founder of Precision Analytical, Mark Newman, takes listeners back in time for a brief history of functional lab testing, and he explains the evolution of the DUTCH Test from it's creation ten years ago to what it's become today. Mark will go over the basics of the different hormone tests currently being used by practitioners and he'll share the scientific research that led to the creation of the Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones - DUTCH.

About our speaker

Mark Newman, MS, is a recognized expert and international speaker in the field of hormone testing. Mark has spent the first 25 years of his career developing and leading urine and salivary testing labs. In 2012, he took an innovative approach to hormone testing and started Precision Analytical where he introduced the DUTCH Test to the functional medicine industry. Through in-depth hormone education and one-on-one clinical support, the team at Precision Analytical helps providers find answers to the most complex patient questions.  

Mark has co-authored multiple peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the effectiveness of dried urine to accurately measure hormones and hormone metabolites. His goal is to make Precision Analytical the leader in functional endocrinology testing and fulfill his mission to profoundly change one life…and then a million more.  

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