DUTCH Podcast: Season Four

Episode 1

Published May 14, 2024

Welcome to Season 4 of the DUTCH Podcast! In this episode, Mark Newman, MS, joins our host Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, to discuss the recent enhancements to the DUTCH report. These visual changes are the first in a series of a few updates aimed at improving readability and providing deeper insights into the data.

Mark and Jaclyn discuss the update from fan gauges to slider graphics to show population percentile, the new estrogen metabolism ratio sliders that display ratios more precisely, and how DUTCH is working on education around the DUTCH report so providers can see a patient’s story more intuitively. Listen in to learn more about these updates!

Episode 2

Published May 21, 2024

Listen in to this episode of the DUTCH Podcast as Mark Newman, MS, discusses Dr. Pam Smith’s Letter to the Editor in response to our Menopause publication, a peer-reviewed study on the comparison between FDA-approved estrogen patches and gels to compounded estrogen creams.

Mark and Jaclyn examine the somewhat confusing nomenclature between estrogen dose amount and absorption amount, the differences in response between patches, gels, and creams, and how salivary versus urinary testing can tell different stories in a patient. They also discuss how the research around hormone monitoring has advanced over the years and the importance of paying attention to clinical outcomes as well as the full body of scientific literature available.