HPA Axis: A Whole-Body Stress Response System

featuring Tom Guilliams, PhD

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Season 3: Episode 10

Published November 14, 2023

Did you know the HPA axis manages all body systems and functions like an emergency response vehicle when stressors occur? Or that early life stressors can have permanent effects on the HPA axis? Hear this and more on today’s episode of the DUTCH Podcast. 

In this episode, host Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, and guest Tom Guilliams, PhD, sit down for some thought-provoking dialogue on all things stress. They discuss the misrepresentation of adrenal fatigue and how it erroneously gained traction due to poor salivary cortisol testing. And they talk about trusted resources providers can turn to when they want to learn more about the body’s complex stress response system.  

Check this episode out—it’s a must-listen! 


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About our speaker

Tom Guilliams, PhD, serves as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy. For the past two decades, he has spent his time investigating the mechanisms and actions of lifestyle and nutrient-based therapies, and he is an expert in the therapeutic uses of dietary supplements.  

Since 2014, he has been writing a series of teaching manuals that outline and evaluate the principles and protocols that are fundamental to the functional and integrative medical community. Tom is also the founder and director of the Point Institute, an independent research and publishing organization that facilitates the distribution of his many publications. 

Please Note: The contents of this podcast are for educational and informational purposes only. Precision Analytical will be interviewing functional medicine key opinion leaders, the best and brightest in the field. The information is not to be interpreted as, or mistaken for, clinical advice. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider for medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment.

Show Notes

Books to learn more about the HPA axis: 

  • The Role of Stress and the HPA axis in Chronic Disease Management (Guilliams) 
  • Integrative Medicine (Rakel) 
  • Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers (Sapolsky) 

Visit Tom Guilliams’ website https://www.pointinstitute.org/ 

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