Chronic Stress and HPA Axis Dysfunction

featuring Deb Matthew, MD

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Season 4: Episode 6

Published June 18, 2024

Learn more about how chronic stress affects the brain and the HPA axis in this episode of the DUTCH Podcast. Dr. Deb Matthew joins Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, to discuss how to recognize hormonal changes caused by stress and consistently elevated cortisol levels, the common signs and symptoms associated with chronic stress, and how often stress ends up being the root cause in patient consultations. You’ll also hear some of Dr. Matthew’s favorite tips to help improve your stress response.


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About our speaker

Deb Matthew, MD—the Happy Hormones Doctoris a best-selling author, international speaker, educator, wife, and mom of four boys. After suffering for years from fatigue and irritability due to hormone imbalances, her quest to resolve her health led her to change everything about her practice of medicine. She has been featured on national podcasts and radio and has done over 100 TV appearances on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and FOX. 

Show Notes

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