Mastering Functional Hormone Testing

Education to help you become a hormone expert


Hormone Education for DUTCH Providers

Learn the basics of hormone testing from DUTCH Clinical Educators.
This program will teach new and current DUTCH providers how to understand and interpret DUTCH results for their patients. Only registered DUTCH providers will gain access to this valuable course material.

Five Training Modules


Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, and Mark Newman, MS, welcome you to the course. Providers will learn about the different panels offered through DUTCH and how to determine which panels are best for their patient.

Hormones in Cycling Females
Post-Menopausal Females
Hormones in Males
Adrenals and the HPA Axis

Meet Your Instructors

Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton

Jaclyn Smeaton, ND

Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton, ND, is the Chief Medical Officer at Precision Analytical, creators of the DUTCH Test, and practices as a naturopathic physician focused on infertility, reproductive, and genitourinary health. Her leadership experience in integrative medicine includes serving as President for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Ambassador for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and a board member of the Integrative Health Policy Consortium.

Dr. Debbie Rice

Debbie Rice, ND

Dr. Debbie Rice is our Director of Clinical Education and practices part-time as a naturopathic doctor where she focuses care on pediatric health, hormone health, thyroid health, and adrenal health. Her training has been primarily in women's health, pediatric care, hormone therapy and hormone function, as well as complimentary adjunct care. Dr. Rice uses diet and lifestyle, botanical medicine, and conventional approaches to maximize care for her patients.

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