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Reset Your Stress Response:
Get the HPA-Axis Back in Balance

Hosted By:
Debbie Rice, ND, MPH
Thursday, January 20th @ 12:00PM - 1:00PM (PST)

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In this FREE webinar, Debbie Rice, ND, MPH, will guide you through new ways to assess your patients' HPA-axis so you can help them reset their stress response in the new year. Cortisol is a major hormone in our stress response, and it's important to understand how stress impacts our day-to-day function. More importantly, providers should be aware of the tools that are available to monitor and support the best cortisol outcome. Join us for a deep dive into how the body makes cortisol, and what options may be available to support a healthy stress response!

About our speaker: Dr. Rice is the Assistant Medical Director for Precision Analytical and a naturopathic doctor with a part-time practice where she focuses care on pediatric health, hormone health, thyroid health, and adrenal health. She has had experience working with communities in need, both in the United States and internationally. Her training has been primarily in women's health, pediatric care, hormone therapy and hormone function, as well as complimentary adjunct care. Dr. Rice utilizes multiple modalities including diet and lifestyle, botanical medicine, and conventional approaches that meet the patient where they are at in their health journey.

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