DUTCH Research and Validation in Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

DUTCH Research and Validation in Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

McMinnville, OR — (December 14, 2020)

Precision Analytical Inc., the creators of DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones), announced the publication of a research and validation article in the peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology.

The goal of the research and validation article, titled, Dried urine and salivary profiling for complete assessment of cortisol and cortisol metabolites, was to demonstrate the utility of dried urine sampling in obtaining measures of cortisol and cortisol metabolites. Additional aims were to evaluate if a 4-spot urine collection is representative of a 24-hour urine collection and if expected diurnal cortisol patterns can be observed in samples from both urine and saliva.

The data in the study shows consistency between liquid and DUTCH measures of total urine free cortisol, total urine cortisone, and total cortisol metabolites. The consistency between 4-spot method and the 24-hour collection was observed at good to excellent during the study. In addition, the diurnal pattern of cortisol showed no difference between salivary and urinary free cortisol. Essentially, the study proved 4-spot urine collections can also represent the diurnal cortisol patterns commonly assessed using saliva.

Mark Newman, Founder and President of Precision Analytical said, “Using urine for the free cortisol pattern is the biggest deviation DUTCH takes from conventional hormone testing. Validating the claim that dried urine is a viable alternative to salivary cortisol testing is the most critical step in proving the clinical utility of the DUTCH model of testing. In 2019 we published serum correlation of menstrual patterns of estrogen and progesterone. We are committed to publishing the entire DUTCH panel’s validation data against gold-standard methodology in peer-reviewed publications by the end of 2021; a rare feat in functional lab testing.”

DUTCH is a useful clinical testing tool for hormone disorders, and the dried, 4-spot method provides great ease for collection and may be a desired method to use for large epidemiologic studies. Precision Analytical research has continued to expand the DUTCH model of testing to include a comprehensive overview of male, female, and stress-related hormones along with markers for related vitamin deficiencies and neurotransmitter balance.

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