Precision Analytical Inc. Launches Cycle Mapping™ PLUS Test Kit


McMinnville, OR — (June 1, 2020) –  

Precision Analytical Inc., the creators of DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones)®, has launched a new Cycle Mapping™ panel in a continued effort to innovate and improve.

The DUTCH Cycle Mapping™ PLUS maps estrogen and progesterone through the monthly menstrual cycle while adding the comprehensiveness of all the hormone metabolites along with the cortisol awakening response (CAR). CAR is a transient, immediate rise in cortisol upon awakening (distinct from the diurnal rhythm). Offering the CAR measurement provides a fuller assessment of hormone fluctuations, baseline stress response, and reflects a patient’s ability to cope with anticipated challenges. CAR also shows a patient’s perception of control around chronic stress, providing insight into HPA resiliency.

This new panel offering will give practitioners an even more comprehensive understanding into the hormone and adrenal picture, especially when it comes to commonly reported conditions such as migraine headaches, fertility issues, and PCOS. These conditions may be influenced by dysfunction in the patient’s hormones or stress resiliency response. Carrie Jones, ND, MPH and Medical Director for Precision Analytical Inc. states, “As many providers know, PCOS is a syndrome but not all women have all the symptoms, so treatment should be guided by the unique set of circumstances an individual woman faces. Although it is named after dysfunction in the ovaries, PCOS is truly a syndrome involving the hypothalamic signaling, and some women experience adrenal-sourced androgen excess. Thoroughly assessing the HPA axis, along with mapped estrogen, progesterone, and the comprehensive hormone metabolites is essential for starting on the right path in treating PCOS.” 

By bringing together two formerly independent, clinical laboratory panels (Cycle Mapping™ and DUTCH Plus®), the new Cycle Mapping™ PLUS panel makes DUTCH testing the most comprehensive overview of female patient health available in only one test.

About Precision Analytical
Precision Analytical is a CLIA certified laboratory run by a team of dedicated scientists with combined experience of over 50 years in performing laboratory tests and developing novel testing methods. We exist to make it easier for patients and their healthcare providers to find answers to complex clinical questions that affect their lives every day. Our unique hormone testing and reporting methods create better tools for healthcare providers to explore hormone issues with their patients. We are fully committed to the mission of improving the lives of those who trust us for their laboratory testing needs.


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