DUTCH Sample Collection is easier!
  • No blood draw
  • No 24 hour urine collection
  • No spitting into tubes
  • 4 simple dried urine samples
  • Collect conveniently at home


    Reports to help you understand!



DUTCH Testing is more comprehensive!
  • Metabolism of Cortisol
  • Metabolism of Progesterone, Testosterone and Estrogen
  • Diurnal pattern of free Cortisol
  • Accurate and precise testing methods (LC-MS/MS GC-MS/MS)

Find out why Precision Analytical's DUTCH is simply better testing!

Building a better hormone testing model:  Physicians have three options for hormone testing – serum, urine, or saliva.  When testing adrenal and sex hormones, each of these testing methods is a viable option, but has limitations, which can be improved upon.  Our testing model is a comprehensive overview of these hormones, and it is the easiest patient collection of all.