Clinical Consultant

Job Summary:

The position is for an enthusiastic doctor who loves being part of a team, has excellent communication skills and wants to be on the cutting edge of functional hormone testing/education. The duties include a mix of clinical consulting and provider account management that reports directly to the Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director. Work with the clinical team to review test results, write-up reports, make treatment recommendations, and collaborate to improve/streamline our processes plus work with new and existing accounts to build relationships and further our on-boarding process.

The position is for part-time in McMinnville, Oregon. (full-time is a consideration for the right candidate).


  • Stay current on related research regarding HPA, HPO, HPG, gut, thyroid, genetic and other related fields. Internal education supplied via handouts, emails and webinar trainings.
  • Review all test results for accuracy as needed depending on the day.
  • Write-up reports for new providers educating them about the Dutch test and provide treatment suggestions based on results and requisition form.
  • Consult with providers all over the world as to their DUTCH cases by helping them understand the results and offering clinical consideration.
  • Respond to emails from providers who have DUTCH questions or directing them to the appropriate department for further assistance.
  • Read and respond to company emails as required in a timely manner.
  • Assist the Marketing Department with blog writing as required.
  • Assist with research, marketing, webinars, podcasts…etc. as needed.
  • Attend and represent DUTCH at conferences in a professional manner as outlined by the Medical Director and Owners.
  • Assist in local outreach to providers/clinics requesting DUTCH information, education and wanting to sign-up.
  • Coordinate with the Medical Director, Operations Manager and Owner in regard to reports and provider needs.
  • Develop relationships with new and existing accounts through regular engagements, answering questions, and onboarding procedures.
  • Respond to customer needs and communicate concerns or questions with the appropriate departments.
  • Maintain an updated Oregon doctor license.
  • Assume other activities and responsibilities as directed.


  • Excellent verbal and written understanding of the English language as communication will be required for blogs, write-ups, email and phone.
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Office, Outlook (email) and Teams (Skype or Zoom helpful too) proficient.
  • Analytical skills – able to quickly review and grasp concepts, ideas and research then apply them (or teach others how to apply them) in the field of functional medicine.
  • Time management – days are generally scheduled based on consults, report reviewing, emails, write-ups…etc. Sticking to the schedule is critical.
  • Naturopathic/Integrative/Holistic/Functional/Allopathic understanding of medicine in the field of endocrinology (with additional skills in gut health, autoimmune, thyroid, and genetics).
  • Broad knowledge/experience using herbs, nutrients, and supplements.
  • Broad knowledge/experience prescribing the most common medications including hormone replacement therapy.


  • Strong communication – you will be part of a team of Clinical Consultants who need to communicate with each other and the Medical Director/Assistant Medical Director and you will be talking or emailing with providers all over the world.
  • Team player – the Clinical Team of Consultants and our Specialist work well together, support each other, help each other, educate each other, and work to promote endocrine education and the DUTCH test.
  • Flexibility – working with providers and each other on the phone, over video and via email requires some flexibility in scheduling/timing. The job has a long list of responsibilities that may require you to focus on pieces and parts as the day unfolds.
  • Initiative – please communicate if you see a project or research idea that would be helpful to the team, if you are receiving the same feedback over and over form providers, or if you notice possible changes to systems that need to be made. We’re doing the best we can and every little bit helps!
  • Trustworthy – this is a lab that handles a lot of HIPAA secure confidential information you are required by law to protect and maintain. The job also requires consulting with providers and we trust with our education and your background training that you will provide appropriate and logical medical observations and suggestions.
  • Positive attitude – Precision Analytical is a fun place to work and the Clinical Consultant team is pretty amazing! We want some who truly wants to be here helping promote our cause.


  • Compensation based on experience.

To Apply:

  • Please submit a cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for the DUTCH lab along with a Resume to