Fountain Life Training Webinars

Presented by The DUTCH Test®

Hormone Basics

We are pleased to partner with Fountain Life to offer this in-depth hormone training. Join us on Fridays to hear from our panel of hormone experts on a range of topics from DUTCH Test basics, to estrogen metabolism, cortisol production, and more.

Introduction to Hormones

Understanding and Implementing the DUTCH Test

  • Evidence-Based Hormone Monitoring
    • Presented by Mark Newman, MS, President and Founder, Precision Analytical, Inc.
    • Understanding when to use serum, saliva, and urine
    • The value of urine as a primary testing modality
  • Estrogen and Estrogen Metabolism
    • Presented by Debbie Rice, ND, MPH
    • 2,4, & 16 Hydroxy detoxification pathways
    • Methylation of estrogen metabolites
    • Progesterone and pathway preference for balancing estrogen
  • Androgens and the nuances of androgen metabolism
    • Presented by Kelly Ruef, ND
    • Testosterone metabolism
    • DHEA metabolism
    • The UGT SNP
  • Cortisol: Clinical Implementation
    • Presented by Allison Smith, ND
    • Why is Cortisol important for stress resilience?
    • Three Cortisol Assessments:
      • Diurnal Rhythm of Free Cortisol and Cortisone
      • Cortisol Awakening Response
      • Tissue Cortisol Metabolism Patterns
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