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Fatigue: The Tip of the Iceberg for Chronic Stress

Presented by:
Allison Smith, ND

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Fatigue is still one of the top 10 patient complaints at primary care visits. During Stress Awareness Month, DUTCH Clinical Consultant Dr. Allison Smith, will present a case-inspired webinar investigating some of the root causes of fatigue and how chronic stress plays a role.

In this webinar, Dr. Smith will define the 3 main sources of unresolved stress which lead to fatigue by exploring fatigue-related case studies. Providers will gain important tools to build high-yield protocols by reviewing DUTCH Test results and treatment plans to restore patient-perceived health.

About the Speaker:

After completing her N.D. at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, Allison Smith, ND worked in private practice focusing on primary care, women’s health, and dermatologic laser therapy. Over the last 8+ years, she has consulted with providers on thousands of cases in the context of hormone testing and brought awareness of testing to providers in clinical practice through consulting, webinars, case presentations, and articles.

Dr. Smith, now with Precision Analytical Lab, creators of the DUTCH Test, brings her extensive experience in practice and in the lab to bear by fostering the medical field’s understanding of safe hormone therapies, sharing integrative approaches to health, and assisting in dissecting tough cases.

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