Webinar Replay

New Organic Acids to Improve Patient Protocols

PRESENTED BY: Debbie Rice, ND, MPh

Tune in to watch Director of Medical Education for DUTCH, Dr. Debbie Rice, explain the new neurotransmitter and nutritional organic acid markers in the DUTCH OATs panel.

The DUTCH Organic Acids Tests now reports quinolinate, b-hydroxyisovalerate, and indican to uncover more information about a patient’s diet and neurological health. In this exclusive webinar, you'll learn the significance of each marker plus how they can influence patient health, what symptoms may be present, and actionable resources for treatments.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Rice is the Director of Clinical Education for Precision Analytical and practices part-time as a naturopathic doctor where she focuses care on pediatric health, hormone health, thyroid health, and adrenal health. She has had experience working with communities in need, both in the United States and internationally. Her training has been primarily in women's health, pediatric care, hormone therapy and hormone function, as well as complimentary adjunct care. Dr. Rice uses diet and lifestyle, botanical medicine, and conventional approaches to maximize care, and meets her patients where they are in their health journey. 

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