DUTCH Provider Spotlights

Provider Spotlight: Lori Esarey, MS, ARNP

By Wynter Kaiser April 14, 2020

Lori Esarey has been a certified Family Nurse Practitioner since 1995. After working many years in acute care settings and doctor offices, she grew weary…

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Provider Spotlight: Christa Hinchcliffe, ND

By Wynter Kaiser March 10, 2020

Dr. Christa Hinchcliffe runs a solo practice, Bainbridge Naturopathic, on Bainbridge Island in Washington state and works part-time at the Tahoma Clinic in Renton, WA…

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Provider Spotlight: Sonja Fung, ND

By Wynter Kaiser February 12, 2020

Dr. Sonja Fung is a primary care naturopathic doctor and owner of Live Well Clinic in La Quinta. Over the past ten years, Dr. Fung…

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Provider Spotlight: Anita Sadaty, MD

By Amy Paoletti January 13, 2020

Dr. Anita Sadaty is a Board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and founder of Redefining Health Medical, a women’s health medical practice in Roslyn, NY. She is an Attending…

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Provider Spotlight: Alexandra Palma, MD

By Amy Paoletti November 19, 2019

Alexandra Palma, MD is a physician with a background in Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Anesthesiology. Her interest in Functional Medicine began in college when…

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Provider Spotlight: Joyce E Gibb, MS, CRNP

By Amy Paoletti October 25, 2019

After working in family practice, urgent care, and even ambulance and helicopter emergency transport, Joyce narrowed her scope of interests and has spent the last…

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Provider Spotlight: Michael Citron, MD

By Amy Paoletti September 24, 2019

Michael Citron, MD has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. He is residency trained and board-certified in Emergency Medicine and has further training in…

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Provider Spotlight: Mary Lee Snodgrass, RPh

By Amy Paoletti August 22, 2019

Mary Lee Snodgrass graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in 1983. She has practiced  for over 36 years. She comes from a family…

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Provider Spotlight: Rachel Hall, MD

By Amy Paoletti August 5, 2019

Dr. Hall graduated from the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Medicine in Columbia, South Carolina in 1999. She then completed her residency in…

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Provider Spotlight: Tara Shelby, ND, LM

By Wynter Kaiser July 17, 2019

Tara’s journey into medicine began as a very sick young patient who intuitively believed that there was something beyond what she was experiencing with her…

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