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Comprehensive Hormone Testing
Backed by Peer-Reviewed Research


Using a test backed by peer-reviewed research adds clinical confidence to your HRT treatments.

Join our community of doctors, researchers, and scientists as we continue to make new discoveries in the science of monitoring hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Over the last several years, we've published three exciting new peer-reviewed research papers showing the validation of our dried urine hormone testing.

More recently, our rigorous pursuit for the truth in hormone testing has opened a door for us to present our research during the North American Menopause Society's (NAMS) Annual Meeting in late September. We’ll be presenting exciting DUTCH data showing successful monitoring of estradiol patches, gels, and creams.

We'd love to invite you to learn more about how dried urine testing can be used as an effective tool in your clinic. Visit our website to explore the research, and discover how the DUTCH Test® can help you solve complex patient problems.

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Experts in Functional Medicine Recommend the DUTCH Test®


Kara Fitzgerald, ND

“The Precision Analytical panel is used routinely in our clinical practice, and I so appreciate the quality, reliability, and breadth of data I’m seeing.”

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Christine Maren, DO

“As a functional medicine physician, DUTCH is my go-to test for hormones. The results are comprehensive, meaningful and unique.  The practitioner support is top notch and I always have educational support when and if needed.”

Learn why experts in functional medicine recommend the DUTCH Test® for accurate and on time hormone reporting.