Dutch Fest Hormone Health education series

July Video Series: Cortisol Dysfunction (HPA Axis)

The Functional Endocrinology Summit Reloaded – HPA Axis Dysfunction is designed to provide practitioners insight into the assessment and management of symptoms commonly linked with hormone imbalances due to cortisol dysfunction. Case studies and discussions will include treatment options for various issues associated with hormone imbalances, including physiology, hormone restoration, pharmacologic approaches, nutritional influences and lifestyle factors affecting outcomes.

Topics Include:

  • Hormone imbalances and treatment options associated with HPA axis dysfunction
  • Treatment strategies and clinical cases
  • Evaluating the most important laboratory tests to use in assessing hormone-related dysfunction and recognizing common pitfalls of lab testing
  • Recognizing appropriate treatment protocols from lifestyle and nutraceuticals to prescribed bioidentical hormones

Our expert presenters will supply you with the foundation to confidently assess and safely and effectively treat patients who present with HPA axis / cortisol dysfunction.


James LaValle, RPh, CCN
Carrie Jones, ND, MPH

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