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Can Seed Cycling Ease Menstrual Cycle Complications and Symptoms?

By Clinical Consulting Team July 20, 2020

Many healthcare providers look to DUTCH testing to help diagnose their female patients experiencing issues with their menstrual cycle and symptoms such as irregular or…

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Menopause for Men: What Does Low Estrogen Mean?

By Timothy Hyatt June 15, 2020

If you are a male, you have likely heard or read about declining testosterone (low T). Testosterone production does decrease with age, but it can…

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In Pursuit of Best Practice: Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT)

By Clinical Consulting Team May 19, 2020

Doreen Saltiel, MD, JD, FACC is board certified in Internal Medicine and an Advanced Fellow in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Recently, she served as the…

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8 Ways DUTCH Fits in with Your Telemedicine Practice

By Wynter Kaiser April 20, 2020

During these trying times, taking care of your patients is ESSENTIAL to their overall individual and collective health. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, many functional…

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The Burnout Phenomenon

By Carrie Jones, ND, MPH July 11, 2019

Traditional Doc’s are finally starting to get it! Workplace burnout (Z73.0) was added to ICD-101,and was defined as an occupational phenomenon, but not a medical…

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YES! Urine testing can be used to monitor transdermal estrogen creams or gels

By Mark Newman, MS April 1, 2019

In this blog, you will see the data that has led us to the following conclusions about monitoring transdermal estrogen: Serum and urine (DUTCH) testing…

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Monitoring patients on transdermal testosterone replacement

By Mark Newman, MS March 31, 2019

In our previous blog, “Yes! Urine Testing Can Be Used to Monitor Transdermal Estrogen Creams or Gels”, we concluded that transdermal estradiol is effectively monitored…

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Why Assessing Progesterone Is Better with DUTCH

By Mark Newman, MS March 30, 2019

In July of 2017, we had an excellent post from Dr. Schroeder about why we test cycling women within days 19-22 of their cycle. As…

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Is Cortisol causing your patient to struggle with sleep in the middle of the night?

By Carrie Jones, ND, MPH December 20, 2018

The DUTCH Plus now has the answer! When patients suffer from insomnia, the 5 salivary cortisol measurements on the DUTCH Plus may not be enough…

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Estrogen and the Aging Brain

By Clinical Consulting Team October 10, 2018

A growing body of research suggests estrogen levels throughout a woman’s life may influence her risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. In this case, more estrogen…

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