Testing Matrix for HRT Monitoring – Updated

computer picI have personally spent almost 10 years putting together the information on our Testing Matrix, and we have had lots of good feedback on its usefulness as you navigate through hormone monitoring questions. It is now updated with the most recent research and improved tutorial videos. Simply click on the matrix below to get an electronic copy of the Testing Matrix. When you download the PDF version, the entire Matrix is hyperlinked to additional educational videos. Look for future emails outlining the key points to be considered for the different routes of administration and the best ways to monitor them.

HRT monitoring can be quite complicated. For example, oral progesterone is not well monitored by serum or saliva testing, but levels of estradiol following oral estradiol are much more reliable. The reasons for this get complex, but after watching each video, you will increase your understanding of how to best monitor HRT in most scenarios. I have personally combed through extensive studies on each of these topics. We have also set up experiments to explore these situations so that real patient data is available in many situations to help explain the conclusions.

We must remember that serum, saliva and urine testing (including DUTCH) all have scenarios where they work well. They also all have circumstances for which their results may be misleading for monitoring therapy. Knowing this information is critical to monitoring HRT and can be useful information in helping providers to choose the best route of administration.

If you have questions on HRT (administration or monitoring), we are here to be a resource for you. And of course, DUTCH testing was specifically built to help you optimize your patient’s HRT. We think it is one of the most powerful tools for monitoring, especially given the increased clinical utility for tracking oral progesterone and vaginal hormones.

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If you have trouble downloading the matrix, here is a listing of the videos embedded within it:

Hormone Monitoring:

Sex Hormone Testing

Adrenal Hormone Testing

Oral Progesterone Monitoring

Oral Estrogen Monitoring

Vaginal Hormone Monitoring

Monitoring Patches, Pellets, and Injections

Sublingual Hormone Monitoring

Topical Hormone Monitoring


DUTCH vs Traditional Lab Testing:

Introduction to DUTCH

Serum Comparison

Saliva Comparison

24-hr Urine Comparison



Mark Newman, President