Provider Spotlight: Hanisha Patel, ND

Dr. Hanisha Patel is a licensed Naturopathic Physician and a leading expert in integrative natural medicine. Ever since birth, she has dealt with her own personal autoimmune issues until she finally saw a Naturopathic doctor who helped her reverse all of her symptoms. Dr. Patel realized she didn’t have to constantly deal with her symptoms and was finally able to experience mahan (great) health.

Now, as a Naturopathic Physician herself, Dr. Patel aspires to see a world where mahan health is not only achievable, but the norm, and she believes this happens from a holistic perspective. This is why she not only works with patients in person and via telemedicine, but also empowers the local and international community with her talks and podcast, Mahan Health. Dr. Patel is also a published author in The Townsend Letter, and she works alongside legislators as a patient advocate.

DUTCH: What inspired you to become a healthcare practitioner?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. When I had the opportunity to learn about traditional medicines throughout the world, I knew I wanted to practice in a way where I could use herbal medicine and other indigenous practices alongside conventional medicine to help patients feel their absolute best.

DUTCH: What is your medical training?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: I graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and received my medical education at Bastyr University California in San Diego. I’ve also done additional training in intravenous therapy, advanced gynecology, advanced gastroenterology, environmental medicine, platelet rich plasma therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, autoimmune conditions, and cranial sacral therapy.

DUTCH: Describe your medical background/practice?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: I am the founder of a virtual and in-person practice called Mahan Health. With my background in both conventional and natural medicine, I work with each individual to find what works best for them and their unique genetic and environmental makeup to help them optimize their gut health, balance their hormones, and support their mental health.

DUTCH: What other functional testing do you use in your practice?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: I do comprehensive stool tests for every one of my patients who are looking to optimize their hormones (a crucial part of the process). I also do extended bloodwork with a thyroid panel and tests for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, and I plan to do organic acid tests and/or food sensitivity tests as needed.

DUTCH: How have you incorporated DUTCH Testing into your practice?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: One of my greatest passions is to help couples conceive. As a practitioner who supports male and female fertility, it is essential to test for the key reproductive hormones which play a factor in preconception. This is predominantly where I use DUTCH testing, but I also use it to help men and women optimize their hormones and empower them so they can experience optimal health.

DUTCH: What are the changes you have seen in your patients and practice since incorporating the DUTCH Test®?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: The DUTCH Test­® helps empower patients to understand what is happening biochemically in their bodies. This allows them to make the necessary changes to optimize their hormones and overall health.

DUTCH: Where do you see functional/integrative medicine twenty years from now?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: I believe integrative medicine is the future. I believe in twenty years, most people will see a doctor who practices integrative medicine before seeing other specialists.

DUTCH: What do you like to do outside of work?

Dr. Hanisha Patel: I love to dance, be outside in nature, spend time with loved ones, watch the sunrise or sunset, workout, do yoga, cook, and travel!